LeadRecon is committed to compliance with GDPR

Last Updated: March 1st, 2021

LeadRecon Tracker collects data to our Amazon Web Services infrastructure. All data is encrypted on transfer and at rest.

We collect the behavioral data of all website visitors. This includes; pages viewed, visitor source and time spent on the site.

The visitor IP address is collected to detect the company and geographic location. All visit data is aggregated on the company level.

LeadRecon also enriches that company data with contact data for individuals from publicly available data sources. Our data partners for contact data include Hunter and Full Contact.

Cookies: LeadRecon tracker adds a visitor cookie. This cookie is called __opix_uid and has a two year expiry date from when it was first set. The cookie is set for the website domain only, LeadRecon does not use 3rd party cookies.

What has LeadRecon done about GDPR?

Actions Taken by LeadRecon to Ensure GDPR and CCPA Compliancy

There are many steps required to become GDPR and CCPA compliant. Here are the main actions taken by LeadRecon to ensure GDPR and CCPA compliancy:

Modifications to both our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to now state what data we collect, what the data is used for, which systems it is shared with, where our data is located, our basis for collecting data etc. This information is easily accessible and easy to navigate via built in menus.

We have trained our internal staff on GDPR, CCPA and data security best practices and have regularly scheduled training to ensure all employees are up to date.

We have drafted internal response plans to any data breaches. Further, we have internal documentation for how data flows throughout our system and organization.

We have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) that can be accessed at any time by emailing privacy@visitorqueue.com.

We have ensured that all of our partners are GDPR and CCPA complaint and follow best practices when handling data. We continue to vet our existing vendors with any changes they make and new vendors when they are brought on.

Any individual in the EU, California and beyond can request access to their information and request that any part of it is deleted in a timely manner. More information regarding this can be found here.

LeadRecon is dedicated to maintaining our GDPR and CCPA compliance

Any and all information collected by LeadRecon is compliant with GDPR and CCPA legislation. LeadRecon uses our own tracking script to collect non-PII information about your website(s) visitors like IP address, pages viewed, time spent, country, region, and city. This data is then enriched via LinkedIn, Full Contact, and Hunter. LeadRecon uses this enriched data and displays it in an accessible and easy to navigate dashboard where you can utilize all our integrations in order to benefit your business. All information provided by LeadRecon is public record and publicly accessible at all times.

Your Company's GDPR and/or CCPA compliance with LeadRecon

In order to remain GDPR and/or CCPA compliant while using LeadRecon, we recommend that you are forthcoming and state your use of LeadRecon where you would state your use of Google Analytics and other data collection practices (ex. Cookies).

GDPR Compliance with Other Lead Generation Efforts

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CCPA Compliance with Other Lead Generation Efforts

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